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If you’re reading this I have hand selected you and your organization to potentially partner with LadyBoss. Thank you for your optimism and consideration. Partnering with LadyBoss is about 3 simple concepts. 

1. Impact - The mission of LadyBoss is to help women lose weight while loving themselves again. We don’t just put this up on the walls in our offices, we embody it with the standards of how our team of 40+ staff treat our customers. All the way to the detail that goes into the formulation and manufacturing of our products, it’s about changing the health of entire family trees. 

2. Income - We know that nice branding and good intentions don’t drive results forward, money does. With up to $8.53 EPC’s, 60% take rate on physical product continuity, and an average 9 month retention rates, we know your expectations will be blown away with our Lifetime Commission structure. 

3. Integrity - We take our Partnerships very seriously. From accurate reporting, to treating your followers/customers right, we don’t mess around. We are here to form lifetime partnerships the right way. 

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LadyBoss Is More Than Just Meal Plans, Workouts, And Weight Loss Results....
9 Proven Cold Traffic Converting Funnels 
With Over 130,000+ Customers On File 

$8.53 EPC’s in Top Supplement Funnels 

60.7% On Order Form Conversion To Auto Ship Monthly Continuity
4-9 Month Retention Rate On Monthly Membership Offers (Digital & Supplements) 

 Make Money By Giving Free Stuff To Your Audience - You don't even have to sell. If you want, all you have to do is focus on giving away our FREE front end programs and helping people signup for our FREE Trial, and when they purchase ANY of our other products in the future through our Conversion Engine, sticky cookies will make sure you get paid!
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We've pushed the boundaries once again and are being as generous as 
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45% Commission On ALL Digital Products (Including Reoccurring & Upsells!)

30% Commission On ALL Supplements (Including Reoccurring & Upsells!) 
EXACTLY How We Maximize Your Commissions BEFORE & AFTER The Sale
 Master Sequence
Every customer, lead, and “2 step form” abandon cart goes through what we call the “Master Sequence”. This means that for 12 days, we will take them through an epic, engaging, story based journey in their email through the multiple offerings of LadyBoss. Paying you commissions for just about ANYTHING they buy. 
 Sticky Cookies
Because of our advanced browser “Sticky Cookie” process, once someone has opted in OR purchased through your affiliate link, you will earn LIFETIME commissions on just about ANYTHING they buy. That means they could Opt In for a Free program, then buy supplements a week later because of the “Sticky Cookies” you would still get paid for letting us do the work for you!
 2 Step Order Forms
Every single one of our offers has what we call a “2 Step Order Form”. That means we’re sticky cookie-ing, on average, 3 people as a contact on your behalf for every 1 that buys! That means your 4x more likely to get paid for something they buy later even if they didn’t convert right away! Remember, the Master Sequence is your best friend ;) 
 Lifetime Reoccurring Commissions
We are OBSESSED with keeping our customers and treating them well. This is AMAZING news for you. With one of the most highly engaged group of raving customers on the planet, you know your recurring commissions will keep pouring in because we obsess over keeping the customers you work hard to bring in. This results in a massive residual income paying you every single month.
Please email with any questions you may have. 
 If you refer even just an email opt-in or abandoned cart into our system, that contact will be LOCKED to you for LIFE and you will get paid on ANYTHING on the chart above that they buy from LadyBoss, FOREVER.
Follow Your Referred Visitors Across All Of Their Devices - If someone Opts In for our program at the office, or on their phone, but then buys when they are at home... don't worry! Sticky Cookies has you covered and we will make sure you still get paid!
Choose The Offer Thats Fits Your Audience Best - Simply pick and promote any of our high converting front end offers and reap the benefits of our entire Conversion Engine. From our Free 7 Day Experience to any of our individual supplement funnels you pick what you promote, and then we pay you for everything listed above your traffic buys for life. 
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